Time and Attendance

Tracking time and attendance of the employees are very important, as it forms the basis for many HR activities like Payroll, Administration, and so on. Moreover, it is very important that employees meet the required time schedules. Ramco HCM helps you manage your employees' time and attendance data effectively. You can ensure that employees record their work time using employee self-service, while you centrally record the data in the Human Capital Management System.

Ramco now offers its customers an option to record NFC and GPS based time and attendance to authenticate, trace, and interact with employees at various levels. Watch a Video to see how this feature works. This solution is aimed at catering to businesses with a globally distributed workforce, having multiple small office set-ups across locations, or with a need to track employee movements in highly secure work environments. Smart attendance enables seamless and hassle-free integration and accounting of Time & Attendance data for processing payroll.

Conventionally used attendance mapping systems such as Biometric and Swipe cards are limited in scope, high on investment and do not scale to the needs of a geographically dispersed workforce. Ramco HCM with its GPS + NFC based attendance management system configured on a smart phone is aimed at addressing this pain point of an organization. Click here to discover more about how the smart phone can act as a kiosk.

Ramco’s Time & Attendance solutions integrates seamlessly across your existing systems around biometric devices, swipe cards and any other conventional attendance systems along with future-ready solutions including NFC & GPS based Attendance. Your organization can visualize your employee availability across your offices leveraging the geo-spatial abilities to tag an employee to a specific location.

Leave Management

With Ramco HCM, Leave Management will be easier than ever before for your business, your HR team and managers, and your employees. Ramco HCM allows employees to holistically maintain leave data and information, apply for leave and get approval from their managers through an extensive set of user-defined parameters, available in the application. The same is available on mobile devices and helps increase productivity by providing access anywhere, anytime.

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