HR executives today are faced with the challenge of maintaining talent continuity while optimizing costs. This is a constantly evolving target in current business conditions and demand quick on-boarding and opportunity-based contracting. To keep pace with this dynamism, IT applications too need to be increasingly intelligent and sophisticated. Apart from supporting the HR professional, Human Capital Management solutions should also engage the employee and make his/her life easier through ease of use and anywhere-anytime availability of information.

Ramco HCM is a global talent management application that has been designed to facilitate a changing work environment. Its flexible architecture is designed to handle proliferating employment, measurement, and wage models, and it provides an integrated HR services experience. Beyond its ability to address the needs of multiple industry verticals, the product differentiates itself through MUSIC—Mobility, Usability, Social, In-memory and Context Aware—which is the underlying product strategy of all Ramco products. Advancements in technology and social channels necessitate business applications to leverage these trends and engage with the new age workforce.

Ramco HCM understands the needs and challenges of a global workforce, the diversity in HR policies, and it allows for adequate exceptions handling. Our global payroll covers 45+ countries and is expanding rapidly. Subscribing organizations may choose from a variety of talent management capabilities such as recruitment and on-boarding, training, performance management, e-learning and payroll. It can be deployed on a multi-tenant cloud or offered as a managed service. Organizations may deploy it process by process or draw from the benefits of its integrated flow and subscribe to it fully. It is also capable of seamless integration, not only with other legacy applications, but also with 3rd party social media, accounting, and jamming platforms.

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