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In Today's hyper-competitive world, Talent hunt for every organization needs to be agile, with diverse sourcing models and driven by adaptive technology. Be it, recruiting for a niche permanent talent or Staffing for non-permanent staff, contingent or freelance-gig workforce, Ramco’s Staffing solution caters to flexible contracting, diverse sourcing including human-cloud, real-time applicant tracking (ATS), automated screening, process driven on-boarding to off-boarding, with milestone / timeline driven billing capabilities.

Being a resource-centric industry, workforce management plays a key role in staffing companies. Strong fundamentals are in place for processes such as

Associate onboarding for clients

Workflows for Attendance & Timesheet booking/approvals

Running large volume multi-site, multi-client payrolls


All this, integrated with invoicing of the clients is required and SRP emerges as the backbone for all staffing company processes. This includes the flexibility and variations required for recruitment & selection, onboarding and resource deployment and a transparent client billing process from Time/Attendance approval through payroll till invoicing.


Benefits to the company include:

Quick response and turnaround time for client staffing demands

In-time payroll and invoice processing, even when clients have distributed operations and a very large employee base

Maintaining high service levels and transparency in dealing with clients as well as associates


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