Small Operators

Industry Challenge

Small or big, the Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul & Engineering (M&E /MRO) of Aircraft are inherently challenging due to the complexity of Aircraft, their subsystems and ongoing SB/AD from OEM/Regulatory agencies. The regulatory compliance requirements are no different between the small and big. Small operators have never been able to leverage the benefits of main stream, full suite aviation solutions mainly due to the cost and time to implement and hence resort to home grown IT solutions.

Small operators in addition to the operational challenges on the raising Fuel and maintenance costs, face the challenge of operating with limited manpower with multitasking capabilities in order to deliver superior customer service. Any initiative which warrant full time involvement of the staff either will have operational or cost impact.

Globally, small operators will get access to an Integrated, enterprise level maintenance & engineering IT solution by using Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite to manage the entire gamut of functions including Materials Management, Payables Management, Management accounting etc.

Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite covers the entire spectrum of M&E—from maintenance planning, line, hangar, shop and engine maintenance, reliability, and technical records. It also provides efficiencies in tracking license and skills, Purchasing, Inventory, Warranty. Its integrated finance module allows you to manage payments to vendors and track costs through management accounting.

Cloud hosted delivery model with LEAN implementation methodologies enables small operators to experience and realize the benefits of the comprehensive mainstream (M&E /MRO) for a nominal annual or monthly subscription fee.

Value proposition

  • Industry First: Ramco Aviation’s on cloud solution bring full suite comprehensive solution to small operators at a fraction of the cost

  • Real-time global warranty and parts tracking features, saves millions of dollars in warranty cost and cuts down AOG time
  • Intuitive ‘one screen does it all’ concept called WorkSpace dramatically cuts down resource training time and takes end user productivity to a whole new level
  • Compatible with all iOS & android devices, MRO operations can now be managed anywhere, anytime across mobile platforms
  • Go Live on Ramco Aviation on Cloud with solution with zero implementation costs, zero annual maintenance costs, zero infrastructure costs and minimal recurring IT expenses

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